Thursday, January 21, 2010

CJ and Barry... kinda?

CJ made a snowman that resembled Barry... I think i can see it! Good Job CJ! haha.

We love and miss both of you! Actually, the whole Olsen/Garrison family! Can't wait til we see you again!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Birthday CJ


We love so you so much and wished we were there to clebrate your 10th birthday with you. Hopefully you had an awesome day!!!

Love, The Fam

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

let it snow, let it Snow, let it SNOW!

Hannah, CJ, and Aubrey look like they are having a fun time in the snow!!
(I am pretty sure they are missing the warm whether too)!!
Aubrey is so cute. She Loves to go out before school and sled.
the funny things that little mouse does...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Let There Be Light...

We were sitting there and all the sudden looked at Jeremy and all we could see was light!!
His ears were so bright!!! It was so funny!

Leaving 2009 in style!

Happy New Years!!
A lot of our family went to Colorado for a Ski trip so we celebrated new years at our condo.
We missed everyone, but we still had so much fun sitting around with our hats and hornsand drinking our "Bishop Booze"!! Jack and his Mommy toast to a New Year, actually jack was toasting to anything and everything. He found and empty cup on the counter and was even toasting to that yelling "CHEERS"!
It was so funny!Jason looks like he can't wait to open that bottle! The family sat around talking about past memories and things that we are wanting to do this next year... we love being together
and then there is jack.. hahaMom and Dad toasting to the new year... And then Mom and Dad Getting a Little wild on the "Bishop Booze" as dad called it,Jeremy even got a little too much of the "Bishop Booze"Happy New Year to all of our Family and Friends that weren't able to be with us.
We love you all, and missed you,
Mom and MeiChu ... and Jack agrees!
(he thought that this was the Best party EVER!!!)

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Today Sydney was riding the GoKart and she grabbed the back tire. Because of grabbing the back tire she got at little "boo-boo"... that might be a under statement...She has 4 stiches. 2 under the skin and 2 on top to pull everything together. she still has to see a surgeon on monday to make sure there is enough skin left to heal. Nana says,
What a big hand you have!!!!
it is bigger to love you with.
I love you so much you brave girl!!!
the moral of the story is DO NOT touch a tire that is moving
love, nana

Sydney says, "Don't worry, I learned my lesson"!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shorty Before School

Aubrey having fun before school. I guess she didn't get the memo that she is suppose to sit on the sled... haha

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Christmas Race...

SO... Santa brought us these really cool go-carts and we took them for a little spin this morning

everyone had so much fun... especially Di Anna!! She was wild!! (and so funny)

then the kids started racing around the driveway...

Mom and Dad had to "partake" too!!!

and some more even after everyone else had gone in to get ready for the day...GO DADDY!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

GO TIGERS!!! - Jeremy's Eagle Project

For my eagle project I painted a basketball court at Gilbert Junior High on December 21 and 22. Thanks to all my family and friends that helped me!! It was a blast and turned out really great.

GO Tigers,

Bright Lights!

T'was the month before christmas and all the turkey was gone,
dad was outside mowing his lawn.
Then all of the sudden he rememebred the matter!
To put up bright lights with his huge red latter.
Lights flickered and flashed right before our eyes, making our house such a lovely suprise.
The cars down our street lined up in a row, glancing at our house and driving real slow,
showing their kids what a beautiful sight,
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
-Dani Daley-

Dreaming Of a WHITE Christmas...

This year Jeremy, Kayda, Lexi, Sydney, and David had an early WHITE CHRISTMAS... just like the ones we use to have.... or not.
They all went to Golfland and had a blast making Snow angels and having some major Snowball fights.

The Spelling Bee

Lexi was in the spelling bee December 10. She made it to round 7 and was the first runner up for the whole school only to be beaten out by a 6th grader. She did so great and went so far going up against mostly 6th graders. She Rocked!!! And remeber she is only in 3rd grade!!! All i have to say is WATCHOUT FOR NEXT YEAR!!!

Lexi showing what she is made of!!!
I am so proud of you...
Go GIRL- love Mom (Storie)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Merry Christmas???

My friend Jaala got a Christmas tree from her parents that they do not use and brought it over to "The PAD". (This is what we call her apartment). Since I am over at "The PAD" anytime I am not at the Library or classes, Jaala and her Roommates feel that I am a part of the "clan"! After FHE Monday night, we decorated OUR Christmas tree. We are poor College Girls so we put our heads together to figure out a way of decorating it with out spending any money.
Here is a picture of the final product. We have scarfs, necklaces, Popsicle sticks made into stars with leftover candy corn from Halloween, Our own car keys, kitchen utensils, big sunglasses, a glow stick for lights, and a EAC hat for a star! Marilee is the most creative girl I have ever met!! haha... And you should have seen Alleen's face when she came in and saw this tree full of random objects sitting in the kitchen/TV room! She couldn't stop laughing...
I guess it shows that you don't need to have money to still have fun, and to show your christmas spirit!!!

Love you all,

Friday, November 27, 2009


This Thanksgivings was so wonderful, even though not everyone was home this year. Danielle and Barry and the kids stayed in Mass. Ty and Krys were up in Utah, and Storie's kids had Thanksgiving with their Dad.
First, Mom woke us all up and made us clean the whole house (You know how Mom is... haha). Then we went to the movies, as usual, and saw "Old Dogs". The little kids and Dad were laughing all through the movie, which made everyone else laugh too. It was really cute! Once we got home, we got everything ready so we can eat. All the older kids brought one dish and one dessert, while Mom and Dad supplied the turkey, suffing, cranberry sauce, rolls, mashed potatoes, gravy, and deviled eggs.
Before we sat down and started in on all the awesome food we had Dad asked us to go around the table and say one thing we are thankful for. The answers were so good. Some said Family, but what touched Mom the most was how many of the kids said something that revolved around being Thankful for the gosple! What a big part the gosple is in our life, and how amazing it is that it is one of the major things that keeps our family going, even when times do get hard.
I am So VERY Thankful for my Famliy. I have the best in the whole world, and I wouldn't change it for anything. The gosple is also such a big part in my life as well. Since I have been gone to college, I have noticed the little tender mercies of the lord in my life and how blessed I am.
Love you all,


Danielle and her kids Hannah, C.J., and Aubrey went to Salem Sunday, Nov. 22. The kids had a lot if fun at the witches museum. Love ya ALL!

Trip to the Cabin...

Well we had a wonderful time at the cabin. We arrived and the rope broke to the generator so the next day Garrett "barrowed" one from a neighbor's cabin. We had no water and found out they turned the water off to ALL cabins on the mountain October 1st. We had Devon bring up four gallons on Friday for us. Friday we went to Riggs Lake so the boys could fish. They did not catch anything but did hike around the lake and hear stories of the 2 bears that roam there. Jeremy talked Di into going into the lake to get his bobber. She was wet and stinky but that is Di for you. We went back and Dad and I took a nap as the kids threw the football and baseball around. The baseball went into the drain pipe and again Jeremy and Garrett talked Di into going into the pipe where she got stuck and lost her pants. That was so much fun the boys did it again. Dad and I got up and rescued Di.
We then went on a hike and found a tree swing and zip line. Everyone took their own turns there…. Yes, even Dad and I. Di hit her head on the zip line. We had a wonderful dinner and then a bonfire. Daddy told wonderful stories of his family and heritage. It was great for the kids to learn more about it. Devon really liked it because she is living where Dad grew up, and knew the places he was talking about in some of his stories.
This morning we cleaned up the cabin and then went for a hike. We heard more stories. We ate lunch in Safford and stopped by Steve's place about the cabin and the farm. Then we dropped Devon off at school and then headed home. We are all very dirty but happy with the great memories.
We saw twin fawns, beautiful fall leaves, blue jays, wood peckers, wild turkeys and more it was great!! Probably the worse thing was some of us went poop in the toilet before we knew there was no water to the cabin and dad was a trooper and came to the rescue. Dad is the best ever. We missed you guys and wish everyone could be there to hear the stories and have fun with us.
Can't wait to do it again, Love Mom

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Daley Family

SO... this is a picture of my family about a year and a half ago. I look at it and see how much everyone has grown. We have a couple of people missing from this picture, plus additions too!! My family is the most AMAZING family. I am so blessed to have them in my life. They are my support when I need it. I don't know of a better family to be apart of!!